Dame Bug and Her Babies

Dame Bug and her Babies was the first children's book written by Edith Marion Patch.  A collection of 18 stories about insect mothers and their offspring, the book was published in 1913, two years after Patch completed her doctorate in entomology.  Fellow scientists warned her that publishing a children's book would ruin her professional reputation.  Patch, undeterred, declared that she would take as much care in presenting accurate science for children as she did in writing for her scientific colleagues.  Following the example of her mentors, the Comstocks of Cornell, Patch founded her own publishing house, The Pine Cone Publishing
Company of Orono. She printed Dame Bug and released it to rave reviews from children, teachers, and fellow entomologists, all of whom were enchanted by her charming -- and accurate -- prose.  

The Pine Cone Publishing Company has been revived by the Friends of Dr. Edith Marion Patch. and Dame Bug and Her Babies has been reissued, complete with original art deco lettering and illustrations.